Australia on fire

Australia on fire

As a hot and dry 2019 closes and 2020 promises to offer a fresh start, Australia continues to experience severe weather events and the disastrous impact on both animal and human life. Everyone is well-aware of the recent bush fire emergencies that occurred late last year in Queensland. Sadly, our southern neighbours and their wildlife are still suffering.

While we hope that it is never an issue for us in our immediate location, we encourage everyone to have a think and make a bushfire plan for your family and pets. A bushfire plan should include your plans to stay up to date with fire locations and progression, as well as plans for how and when you will leave, what you will take and where you will go. With specific reference to pets, you should have a plan of where you can go and how you will safely transport your animals and keep them contained until you can return home is very important. These events often occur quickly and can be stressful, so having appropriate identification tags on your pet, up-to-date microchip details, safe crates or enclosures and bedding, food and water plans will help to keep everyone safe.

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Any injured animals will likely be extremely distressed and suffering a number of painful injuries. If it is safe to do so, taking them directly to the local vet or veterinary emergency centre for assessment and treatment is the best option. Alternatively, contacting your local animal rescue organisations such as WIRES (1300 094 737 or or RSPCA (1300 263 625 or for further assistance is advised.

As a clinic we will, once again, be collecting donations to help purchase medical supplies to be sent to care facilities down south in order to assist in the care and rehabilitation of wildlife affected by bushfires.