Vet Nurse Day

At Wellpets Kallangur, we are proud to have 5 veterinary nurses dedicated to helping our vet team look after your fur babies.

October 11 was dedicated to celebrating all the amazing work our veterinary nurses do in this industry. While you may be used to mainly seeing our nurses answering calls and booking appointments, behind the scenes, these skilled and passionate nurses are performing phlebotomy, running tests, administering medication, assisting with radiographs, checking and recording patients vitals, and monitoring patients under anaesthetic during surgery. They are the backbone of every vet clinic.

When you next come to visit, please say hi to our veterinary nurses:

  • Jessica (BVetTech and CVN)
  • Michelle (CVN)
  • Shantelle (Cert III VN)
  • Melissa (CVN) and
  • Rachael (CVN)

We are always happy to help in any way we can.