Wanting a new furry family member?

Are you wanting a new addition to your family? Well, there are so many things to consider if you’re thinking about getting a new puppy or kitten. So, when’s the right time?

We first suggest doing your research, and then do more research. Really dive into the particular breeds and what their personality traits and needs are. For instance; if you’re wanting a long-haired breed like a golden retriever, husky, or domestic long-haired cat, you will need to groom them every day. Some breeds are challenging to train and have behavioural issues, while others are more susceptible to health risks like the cocker spaniel. While known to have a variety of orthopaedic issues, the cocker spaniel is also prone to epilepsy, heart diseases and liver disease. Even gender can play a part, male cats are more likely to get Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) then their female counter parts. It's really important to do your research before you adopt.  

The biggest restraints for pet owners are time and money. Puppies and Kittens are big balls of energy, they require a lot of mental and physical stimulation, if they don't get this, they become bored and that's when the naughty behaviour happens. Training is a must for puppies, not only will you have a better relationship with your little one but it's a great way to achieve the mental stimulation they need. Puppy preschool is a great way to help getting your new one social with others. You will also need to set aside time to do exercise everyday as well as basic grooming like bathing, brushing of the teeth and fur.  

You also need to think about the future. Are you planning on going on a holiday? If you are, there are great services like holiday kennels and catteries that they can enjoy. It's like a mini-vacation for them as well and you know that they are safe. You will need to make sure that they are up to date with their vaccines every year and that they are on the right preventatives because no one likes fleas. Fleas and ticks are around all year! they’re not just seasonal, for more information please see our blog “Tis the season… for ticks.” Don’t forget to microchip and register with your local council too. This will help ensure we can get into contact with you if your little one goes missing. It’s a great idea to get your new addition de-sexed, there are so many health benefits to this. Females that de-sexed won’t develop mammary cancer and pyometra too name a few. With males, having them de-sexed helps with aggression and behavioural issues and they also won’t develop testicular cancer.

When it comes to your pet, you should always want what's best for them. So, when something unexpected happens having pet insurance help with easing your mind… and your wallet. Just like above, you should always do your research. Not all insurances are the same and they won’t always cover the same things, so please make sure you choose the right cover for you. Why not have a great membership that compliments your insurance or even if you just want to save a couple of bucks. We offer an amazing program called “Best for Pets”. Best for Pets is a pet membership that runs the full 12 months, you get a microchip, vaccines and all your consults free! You will also get 10% off any services we do as well as discounts off food and parasite control. You can sign up anytime! 

Remember, a pet is a privilege not a right.