Why I love my job

Why I love my job. Why wouldn’t I?

I get to come to work every day knowing I’m going to make a difference. It’s incredibly fulfilling reuniting you and your little fur babies after a day in hospital and seeing all the love from the both of you. It’s also very interesting and challenging some days. Not a single day is the same as the day before, especially surgeries. I love the challenge of finding the right anaesthesia plane and anticipating the surgeons needs and observing the inner working of your pet and also comforting your loved one while they recover from surgery (they’re all cuddly…. Most of them).

I also enjoy when we help get your baby back to you safe after an emergency like a Labrador that thought rat bait was a delicious snack. Lucky mum called us up as soon as possible and we were able to induce vomiting and successful remove all the ingested rat bait, all the while I was holding the ears back like after a great Saturday night out.

It’s all the minor satisfying things that make my job enjoyable. Like when we do dentals, I’m cleaning the teeth and a big chunk of plaque cracks off and your pet is left with clean pearly whites again. Or when I express anal glands like it's a big ol’ pimple and also cytology, when I help the vets stain a slide and I get a sneaky look at what the different cells look like. I always find it a little funny when we do urinalysis, and you see a little sperm swimming in circles. I promise you it’s not always gross, it’s just most days. Being a vet nurse is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. We do see a lot of pretty gross things but it’s all worth it (especially for the discounts).

We also get to wear super comfy clothes and shoes which is always awesome. I also get to experience what a lot of people don’t normally, like listening to a heart, place catheters, handle wildlife (baby possum and tawny frog mouth!)

I get to work with some of the most incredible and outstanding people you’ll ever meet. We laugh every day, and some days are harder than others, especially if we lose one of our favourite patients but most days are an absolute dream.

But my all-time favourite thing about my job… It’s all the cuddles!