Five ways that your cat says ‘i love you’

Cats are known for their dismissive behaviour when it comes to showing affection. Your cat may actually love you a lot more than you think. Here are five signs that your kitty loves you.

1. Purring

One of the more obvious signs of affection. The pitch, intensity, frequency, rapidity and volume of a cat’s meow can reflect their emotional state. Purring in cats indicates a calm and relaxed state. So, if your kitty purrs loudly when it’s around you this is a good sign that they love you.

2. Showing you their belly

Like a lot of animals, cats don’t roll over and onto their belly for everyone. If your cat lies on their back and reveals their belly to you it means that they trust you and they are comfortable. They consider you their family and are relaxed and happy to be around you.

3. Head butting and kneading

These actions wouldn’t be seen as a friendly gesture with a human. Two of the main ways that your cat shows their love for you is when they head butt you or walk/knead over you. When your cat head butts you, they deposit facial pheromones onto you. This shows their possession over you, as you are one of their own.

4. Staring

Cats only tend to make extended eye contact with those they know and have developed trust for. When your kitty locks eyes with you, and casts a slow blink, view this as their version of a kiss.

5. Bringing you special gifts

Occasionally your cat may bring you a not so sought after gift. This could include a mouse, a bird, an insect or one of their chewed-up toys. Don’t take offence to this gesture as it is your cat showing you what they can offer you.