Vet Nurse


Becky joined our team officially in 2021 after covering shifts during COVID. She has always had a passion for animals, after going along to her own pets vet appointments she became curious of what was behind the consult doors. In 2017 Becky began work placement at her local clinic and graduated with her Certificate 4 in Vet Nursing in 2019. Ever since Becky has gone on to work alongside amazing nurses and vets that have taught her countless lessons and enabled her to further her skills.

Becky loves all areas of nursing but has developed a special interest in surgery, anaesthesia, exotic and avian nursing.

Outside of work, Becky can be found taking her foster fail black kitten, Smores for a walk (on harness of course), going for beach trips, cooking and falling in love with every Golden Retriever she finds.

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