Vet Nurse and PPS Instructor


Kerri’s love of animals started back in 1998 when she scored an after school job at the local pet shop but her nursing journey began in 2007 working in a small animal practice in Cairns. It is here, teaching Puppy Preschool that her love of behaviour and dog training began. After a few years she started making her way back to Brisbane working in other small animal clinics along the way.

After returning to Brisbane and beginning her family, she continued to work part time both as a nurse and also continuing her love of behaviour and dog training. For Kerri her love of her patients shines through in her care for them. Whether it is a pat, a brush, scratch behind the ears or head bumps or just sitting in the sun with them. It is the bond and trust of her patients that helps to make her a favourite with her patients. A hazard of the job is when they steal your heart as is the case of Kerri’s old pup (they are all pups or kitties to Kerri) Scruff who came into her workplace in Maryborough as a stray and decided Kerri was his human. And after a month of trying to contact his former owners Kerri officially belonged to Scruff.

When not at work you can find Kerri spending time with her daughters playing in the park, walking along the Sandgate foreshore, enjoying a movie or getting messy with crafting, cooking or in the garden .

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